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Policies and Guidelines

Keep it Casita. Only post ads for Casitas and Casita-related products and accessories. If we don’t offer a category for it, it’s not appropriate for our classifieds.

Protect your privacy. Remember that your ad will appear online and become public. Don’t include your name, address, phone number, or other personal details. The same applies when responding to a listing: exercise discretion when disclosing personal information.

Play nice. Honesty and civility are the rules of the road.

Be responsible. Little Home on the Road does not get involved in classified users’ transactions. We offer this listing service to help Casita sellers and buyers get connected.

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Helpful Information for Buyers and Sellers

Kelly Blue Book and AutoTrader both offer tips for buying and selling used vehicles and, since the processes are similar, you might want to check out their recommendations for buyers and sellers.

KBB has advice for sellers and buyers.

AutoTrader gives suggestions for avoiding scams.