Casita Upgrades

OMW Receiver Hitch Allows you to transport a bike rack, storage trunk, portable grill, or anything else compatible with a 2” standard towing receiver. Because the hitch is bolted directly to the Casita’s rear frame, it eliminates the annoying bouncing and flexing that occur with racks attached to the Casita’s rear factory bumper. And, it won’t interfere with your spare tire. Made with U.S. steel and powder-coated, it’s built to last.

Scissor Jacks from BAL Add extra support to enhance leveling and stability for a rock-steady trailer. Bonus: they’re strong enough to lift the whole Casita off the ground so that a tire can be changed without use of additional jacks. Installed in sets of 2 or 4, to fit your needs.

OMW Shock Absorbers for Dexter #10 Axle (a.k.a the "shock kit") Reduces the bouncing and jostling your Casita (and all your carefully packed provisions) endure as you travel over dips, ruts, and bumps in the road. Because it provides a dampening effect, it also makes for a smoother towing experience.

Double Step Replaces the single step with two steps, reducing the distance you need to step up or down when getting into and out of your Casita. Great for those with 15” tires, a lift kit, or mobility issues. This is one of the most frequently requested modifications.

Lighted Water Pump and Lighted Water Heater Switches Removes the guesswork about whether your water heater is on or off and reminds you to turn it off, just in case you’ve forgotten. The easily visible light gives you one less thing to remember, and helps you save propane.

3-Way Porch Light switch Turn your outside light on or off from inside or outside the trailer. Slick.

Back-up Camera State of the art camera and monitor system helps you spot potential problems while towing and backing up.

High-rise Faucet A longer neck creates more usable space between spout and sink to make washing up easier. We offer several options to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Awnings Shade your door and windows to reduce interior heat buildup. We offer both Carefree of Colorado and Fiamma.

Keyless Entry Battery-powered deadbolt opens with a 4 character code or key fob for convenience and security.

Battery Drawer Battery pulls out on high-capacity stainless steel drawer slides. Also provides cable management for the stiff 8ga wires.

Porcelain Toilet  Offers the familiar, clean, and substantial feel of a porcelain toilet.

Casita Solutions

Range Vent Hood Removal Frees up physical and visual space. We remove the bulky hood and install two small fans—for ventilation and safety—and an unobtrusive, flush-mount light fixture.

Dometic Refrigerator Reinforcement Hinges Unobtrusive laser cut stainless steel brackets prevent (or fix) the problem of broken refrigerator door hinges. To put it bluntly: Dometic hinges are made from a brittle plastic that just doesn’t hold up. If you have a Casita, at some point, you'll be faced with a door that won’t close. We reinforce both top and bottom hinges.

Solar Energy Systems Harness the sun’s energy to charge your battery. We carry both portable and roof-mount systems and can help you decide which would be the best choice for the way you like to camp.

Digital Thermostat Upgrade For older Coleman AC units, we can upgrade your thermostat so it functions like a brand new Casita. This makes your heating, cooling, and air circulation appliances function like a home HVAC system.

Easy Battery Cutoff Switch Disconnect your battery from the system with the flip of a single switch. This takes some of the hassle out of swapping out batteries and is ideal for those who boondock and/or use multiple batteries. The components are made to withstand the elements—we use only marine grade connectors.

Thumb Latches An inexpensive extra you’ll appreciate the first time you don’t have to hunt for a key. We replace the keyed locks on outside compartments with easy to use latches.

Interior Grab Bar Helps you keep your footing when entering and exiting. We offer several bar and placement options.

Security Light Bright, motion-activated exterior light. This replaces the light outside the door. Don't worry about annoying the neighbors, the light has three modes. 1. Normal Light 2. Motion-Activated Light (adjustable sensitivity) and 3. OFF

Front Cargo Carrier Stromberg Carlson tongue-mounted tray holds up to 300 pounds and is ideal for transporting generators, tool chests, grills, and other gear. The tray is just a hair over 32” wide and roughly 20” deep. Constructed of steel and powder-coated to withstand the elements.

Dura Faucet Outdoor Sprayer Lets you rinse off after a day at the beach, hose down your four-legged hiking buddy, wash the s’mores off the grandkids, clean the pan that’s too big for the sink, and just about anything else you could do with a garden hose. This system has several advantages over the standard outdoor shower: the coiled hose is longer, sturdier, and less unruly, and the head has several settings, which gives it greater versatility and makes it suitable for a wider variety of uses. We can install one on your Casita even if it doesn’t already have an outdoor shower.

Maintenance and Repairs

Weight And Balance There are three components to this service. First, we’ll weigh your trailer using our digital scales. Next, using your exact tongue weight (also known as “hitch weight” and “pin weight”), we’ll calculate the stability of your trailer. We'll help you understand these numbers so you can tow safe and easy.  We highly recommend this service for all owners. (If you want to know more about tongue weight, check out this easy to understand discussion from the folks at

Wheel Bearing and Brake Service This one is all about safety. We’ll thoroughly inspect your wheel bearings and braking system, perform routine maintenance, and repair or replace any worn or damaged components.

Water Heater Service Properly maintaining your water heater can extend its life. We’ll drain it, flush it, and inspect the anode. If needed, we can replace the anode (the part that keeps the water heater from rusting).

Axle Replacement The Dexter axle does, eventually, wear out. There’s no way to know exactly how much life you can expect to get out of yours, but once it’s 5 years old, you should make a point of checking it annually for signs of wear to the torsion rubber. If you’re ready for a new one, we can install it. We only offer the bolt-on axle.

A-Z Inspection Follows the checklist in Arizona Eileen’s Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide. We'll go over your Casita—from hitch to spare and all points between—and rate the condition and functioning of each item. Ideal if you’re heading out on a long trip, have had your trailer in storage for an extended period, or have purchased—or plan to purchase—a previously owned unit.

Anything and Everything If something is acting up, being rebellious, or doing something weird, there's a good chance we can help. We can troubleshoot, repair, and replace electric jacks, converters water pumps, water heaters, cabinetry, awnings, and just about anything else on your trailer. (We cannot work on children, pets, spouses, or other family members.)

You Name It

Have a dream modification in mind? An elaborate solar and battery setup for your boondocking ambitions? A custom dining or game table to celebrate an anniversary or birthday? A wine rack to commemorate your summer in Napa? A comfy bed or kennel for your four-legged travelling companion? If you have something in mind, give us a call.

Common Upgrades for New Casitas

Some of the most common upgrades for new Casitas that come through the shop...

Weight and Balance

2” Receiver Hitch

Shock Absorber Kit

Scissor Jacks in the front

Katy's Casita Closet and Closet Light

Overhead Fan Ring Light

Stromberg Carlson Propane Rack

Backup Camera

Common Upgrades for Older Casitas

In addition to the modifications for a new Casita, here are some additional upgrades for your older Casita...

Battery Cutoff Switch

Refrigerator Reinforcement Hinges

Slide Out Battery Tray

Vent Hood Removal

Thumb Latches for Compartment Doors

Toilet Cutoff Valve

Scissor Jacks for Front and Rear

Digital Thermostat Upgrade

Scheduling Service

If you know the date you’d like to come in, even if you don’t yet know what services you want, go ahead and reserve your preferred spot on the calendar. To make sure you get the time that’s most convenient for you, add your name to our roster by clicking here or by giving us a call at (972) 854-6069.