Katy's Casita Closets!

These are awesome. We install them here! Shelves are always in stock for our on-site service customers.

If you want to buy kit and install them yourself we can't sell them to you, BUT we welcome you to DIY. You just need to buy directly from Katy, Click here to see more info on Katy's Casita Closet website.


The Light kits for Katy's Casita Closets are now available for the DIY closet installer!

Get your LIGHT KIT here from us. (Need CLOSET SHELVES for DIY? Get your Katy's Casita Closet directly from Katy here.)


Light makes life easier. Stuff those shelves and don't worry not seeing it again. This light kit illuminates all the nooks and crannies.


DIY Shock Kits!

Can't come to us but want to add shock absorbers to your Casita? Now you Can!

Click here to see the product info page and buy one for yourself. Comes with all the hardware you need and some nice full color instructions to show you how to put it on.

Welcome, Adventurers!

Little Home on the Road offers a full menu of services and upgrades for Casita travel trailers. From routine maintenance and repairs, to custom modifications and products, we have you covered. And, we do it with Texas-style hospitality.

Happy travels,

Josh and Terry

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Menu of Services

Not sure what you need? Browse our maintenance, repair, upgrade, and customization offerings.

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Home on the Road 101 Package

This was inspired by our own experiences and our conversations with new Casita owners. It includes the top 7 modifications requested by those who are planning on purchasing, or who’ve just purchased, a Casita.

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Long Weekend Package

We had hiking, biking, bird watching, and stargazing in mind when we put this one together. It’s for those who want to take along sporting, cooking, or other types of gear.

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Permanent Vacation Package

This is designed for those who’ve decided to live life on the road full time. (And for those who just wish they could!) It’s all about making your Casita even more comfortable.

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