Casita Shock Kit-High Lift


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The fabulous bolt-on shock kit for the Casita high-lift axle.

This is a simple bolt-on kit. A no-weld, no-drill solution for adding shock absorbers to Casita Travel trailers.

The inboard brackets are made of sturdy powder coated 1/4″ steel plate with welded reinforcements to keep everything lined up. The wheel mount plate is made of powder coated reinforced 3/16″ steel plate.

2 Monroe 555003 Gas-Magnum RV Shock Absorbers and all required hardware is included.

The kit can be installed with the trailer on its wheels on the ground. Access to the brake-adjust mechanism is maintained. (though you will no longer get away with just using a straight screwdriver on the right wheel – you will need to use a ‘brake spoon’. Depending of the brand, you may need to bend the brake-spoon to fit.

Works for hi-lift (10 degree down) axles.

* Not suggested if you have a 3″ lift kit installed. (“lift kit” refers to an additional spacer that raises your trailer. You would have bought this from Dexter or Orbital Machine Works. Casita does NOT supply “lift kits”)

* Will not work for welded-on axles.

Please note that this kit does not change the load carrying capacity of your trailer.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 4 in